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FED-EX dropbox in town

There is now a FED-EX dropbox in town – located at Autodealz – 711 Fourth Street

Pick-ups are Monday thru Friday at Noon (NO weekend pick-ups)

Now it is your turn to help us preserve the Town’s history!

Many people have donated photographs (or copies of photographs) and they are on display for all to see at Town Hall.  

Some of these photographs may be used in a book to be completed soon (and we are looking for more), which will help us to further preserve our Town history.  

Now it is your turn to help us preserve the Town’s history!  

The Town Hall Museum is in search of photographs (originals or we can make a copy) of people, places and events in the Town of Shenandoah (or nearby areas of Grove Hill, Comertown, Fleeburg, etc.)  

Please consider donating your photographs (or let us make copies) today!  We have seen too many photographs be lost (or worse destroyed or thrown away) when the older generations pass on and the younger generation does not appreciate the historic nature of such pictures.  

We need photographs of all past businesses, places, events, etc. in our area!  Since we don’t really have any pictures specifically of these things, we are also looking for interior or exterior photographs of:  

  • The movie theater on First Street

  • The newsstand/post office/bus stop on Pennsylvania Avenue

  • The old lodge building when it was in operation as a lodge or any other business

  • The Bowling Alley on First Street

  • The Dance Halls

  • Any thing else you have and want to share – we also take items on loan.

Stop by Town Hall and take a minute to go through some of the books in the museum to see what is on display and to hear how you can help our community preserve its history!  





The library has magazines, books, best sellers, DVD's, Audio books on CD and Audio Books on cassette and computers to use. Sign up for a flee library card if you do not have one. ALWAYS CHECK WITH US FOR NEW SELECTIONS! Several educational opportunities are available from our website, such as Mango Languages.

BOOK CLUB - 2nd Tuesday @ 6:00 PM

KNITTING & CROCHETIN G CLUB - 1st & 3rd Tuesdays @ 11:00 AM

LEGO CLUB FOR STUDENTS - 3rd Thursday @ 5:00 PM


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